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We aim to exceed your process control expectations.

We understand that plant engineering and I&C staffs have less manpower than they did in the past. That's where SW Controls comes in – with experienced process control service, maintenance and support.

And as part of the FCX family of companies, SW Controls offers the most comprehensive product portfolio to support your requirements and deliver unparalleled solutions to your most challenging situations. That’s why we are able to deliver solutions designed to integrate with your existing system, boost your productivity, reduce your down time and help enhance your bottom line.

Calibration service

Calibration Service

  • Pressure transmitters, including differential, gauge, absolute and high pressure
  • Temperature: Thermocouples, RTDs and transmitters
  • Flow meters: DEQ compliant mag meter calibration, flow verification to within 1% using non-intrusive secondary standard
  • Controllers and recorders: Configuration and PID tuning
  • Analytical: pH and conductivity
  • Gas detection: Combustible gases, toxic and oxygen
  • Specializing in solving difficult level applications
Flow Surveys

Flow Surveys

For metered or non-metered lines.

  • One or many flow measurements
  • Clamp on
  • Flexim meter used to verify and log liquid flows
  • Data logging for overnight or multiday trending
Valve Repair

Valve Repair

  • All manufacturers - Masoneilan, Fisher, Valtek, etc.
  • Positioner calibration
  • Trim replacement

Field Service

Field Service

  • Calibration services
  • Start-up service
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Electronic instruments repair
  • Third-party audits and validations

What's your flow control challenge?

We're committed to helping you specify, install and maintain the right products and application solutions.

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